Ladies Lounge

«It's like paradise here! Food, drinks, a new hairstyle, getting presents and receiving new clothes for free! Wow, I can't believe it! Here we really can relax while all hell breaks loose outside! Hopefully this peace will last until tomorrow!» Ladies Lounge Visitor

In the year 2017 we received a complete wardrobe as a donation from an unknown woman. Our office was turned into a boutique for a trial day. Our team went out on the street and into the brothels to invite the women to the Ladies Lounge. Our office was quickly crowded with women, as in the milieu it is spread quickly when there's something for free.

Encouraged by the positive experience, we regularly started to organize Ladies Lounges. We never had to worry about clothing donations. We generously receive beautiful clothes, shoes, jewellery, cosmetics and decorations from families, acquaintances and unknown people. Because we receive in abundance, we can give generously.

All the beautiful dresses and accessories become a secondary matter. The good, calm atmosphere, the community and our openness become the main thing. The women take their time, are touched firmly and go back to their circumstances in a different way.

For these women, clothes are already the beginning of change. Clothes make people.

«Now I'm a really fancy lady, too. Like this I can apply for a new job.»
Ladies Lounge Visitor

Do you want to be part of the starting process of change and donate your clothes?
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