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We visit women working in prostitution with our street work teams. We give the women we meet presents, hygiene articles, food, Migros-vouchers, condoms and contact addresses. By visiting them, we gain an insight into their current situation. We convey appreciation and hope for change also by telling our own life stories.

Our offices on Langstrasse offer a wonderful place of rest for women seeking help. Over coffee and tea we share life together; crying, laughing, they remember their buried dreams and most importantly a trusting relationship can be built.

Through our beautiful clothing boutique with quality and beautiful clothes, bags, shoes, decorative items, cosmetics and much more, we dress many women every day for free.

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Changing lives

The social mobility of women who want to drop out is severely limited. In order for them to have equal opportunities, the circle of lack of prospects and dependency must be broken.

German is a first key to a desired work integration. Therefore, German lessons are offered weekly in our office. However, a patchy CV and the stigmatisation of drop-out women unfortunately take away almost all chances on the labour market.

Heartwings started a cleaning company in the second labour market in spring 2021 to give the women an alternative job. At the moment we already have several private clients who have their flats cleaned for 30 CHF/hour. All the money goes directly to the dropouts. The women are trained by a cleaning specialist at the beginning and are accompanied to every work assignment. Through the work experience, their inclusion process is fostered and self-efficacy and self-esteem are increased.

As Heartwings we rent flats so that we can give the women a stable & safe place to live and most importantly tenancy agreements. A tenancy & work contract provides the basis for an application for a residence permit and social security.

The renowned company RFM offers the prospective cleaning specialists a recognised Iso certified training including a diploma. Afterwards, they have the chance of a prestigious internship and subsequently the possibility of a permanent position.

Since every human life and every curriculum vitae varies and individual solutions are needed for every single woman, we work in a flexible, low-threshold and solution-oriented way.

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Speak Up

The conditions behind the red windows and facades of the red-light district are rarely spoken about openly. As a society, we often believe in a glossed-over image of prostitution, behind whose put-upon façade hardly anyone has really seen.

Heartwings relentlessly exposes what is going on in our country in the area of prostitution, pornography, human trafficking, the loverboy method and much more. The effects of this affect us all and profoundly shape our image and behaviour in our private sexuality. Our listeners are encouraged to question previous attitudes.

We talk openly and without taboos about our own life stories, which were marked by abuse, lack of identity, bulimia and other forms of sexuality:
Abuse, lack of identity, bulimia, pornography etc. and our processes of change.

We are committed to educating society. In this sense we speak everywhere we are invited, e.g. school classes, confession classes, churches (all denominations), associations, companies, political events and much more.

We deliberately give our talks free of charge. Our top priority is to educate the general public. We are grateful for donations.

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Enable others

We empower and train teams and organisations at home and abroad so that change becomes possible worldwide.

We would like to introduce you to two projects abroad that have been significantly shaped by Heartwings.

In 1996, on the notorious streetwalk of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Sarah was living as a drug-addicted prostitute. Peter and Dorothée, the founders of Heartwings, were living and working in Tanzania at the time.

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In 2016, we received a call for help via Facebook from a man who runs a shelter for over 40 children from child prostitution in India with his family.

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